What to take on a city break

In awe of their expert packing skills, we sat down with Svbscription’s Co-Founder and Buyer Andrew Apostola and asked him to pick the ten objects he wouldn’t leave home without when heading off on a city break.

10 objects feautre
1. Steven Alan beach blanket. It’s the perfect, light weight throw that can be used in any situation and tucked away into a small space.

2. Want Les Essentiels O’Hare Shopper Tote. A great mix between a casual bag and travel bag, dresses up really easy.

3. Mini Jambox by Jawbone. So small it makes sense to carry as you can never be sure what you’re going to get at someone’s house or hotel.

4. Suede Document Carrier by Paul Marlow. I use to use all sorts of travel wallets until I came across this document carrier with zip. It easily fits four passports, boarding passes and currency.

5. The White Briefs Anchovy T-Shirts. I throw a whole bunch in my suitcase wherever I go, they have a mid-length sleeve to they’re easy to wear in any weather and instantly look casual and sharp.

6. Mamas & Pappas City Stroller. Wherever I travel I bring my two kids and my wife. It’s mid weight so it’s much easier to travel with than a clanking big bugaboo.

7. Yumaki Tooth Brush. Small and elegant, it lives in my dopp kit and ensures I never forget it.

8. Suited Magazine. I always have something light to read/view and this is what I’m reading right now, first issue from New York.

9. Le Labo Travel Tube. The French/New York fragrance brand has this beautiful travel tube to take your fragrances with you wherever you go.

10. Maison Margiela Stationary. Ok so, I don’t really write with this every time I travel, but I like the idea of penning something important to someone on my next trip to Paris.

To get your own hand-picked selection of objects sent straight to your door (albeit only in the US for now), apply now here. Alternatively let Svbscription take the lead with a limited edition pack released every three months that contains exclusive products, collaborations and experiences. V12: Connected is out now.

10 objects feautre

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