Sense and the city: Scent, Paris

Nicolas Cloutier moved to Paris from Quebec in 2004 and has since made it his mission to diagnose the preferences of Paris’ perfume aficionados. The Nose boutique is home to a unique technology that paints your olfactory portrait based on your favourite fragrances and perfume history. We asked him to follow his nose around the city.


‘‘I would go to Versailles and more importantly to the Osmothéque fragrance archives there, where you will discover notes and scents from the past that are no longer available, as the raw materials are banned. While there, I’d go to the Cour des Senteurs (‘Courtyard of Fragrances’) which is home to four Parisian institutions, all united by their sensory sensibilities: Guerlain, Paris’ oldest perfumer; Diptyque, a scented candlemaker; Lenôtre patisserie; and Maison Fabre, a glovemaker.

I would have lunch at Dame de Pic, the ultimate food and scent experience by the Michelin-starred chef, Anne-Sophie Pic. Then, I would pass by Nose to perform a perfume diagnosis.

I’d go to the Jardin du Luxembourg, where you have so many different species of flowers. It gives an idea of what you might find if you were to visit the house and laboratory where master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska used to stay in Cabris.

I’d finish on the terrace of the Raphael Hotel, one of the best views in Paris with a beautiful garden that is very romantic.’’


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