Emerging architects of the year pick their favourite onefinestay homes

Rising stars on the London architecture scene, vPPR, just won the RIBA London Emerging Architect of the Year Award 2015. We caught up with the all-women founding trio, Tatiana von Preussen, Jessica Reynolds and Catherine Pease, to discuss which architectural features are most important when creating a living space and which onefinestay homes are their top picks.

vppr feature
What sets you apart from other architecture practices?

We design bold, geometric buildings, but they are entirely derived from their urban contexts. Our buildings fit into their surroundings.

Much of your work is on tight urban plots, how does this affect your work?

It means we have to be imaginative. Many of our sites are off the street so the roof is usually our primary façade and we have a lot of fun creating roofs that are art works that improve the view from neighbouring buildings.

Which architectural features do you find most important in creating a living space?

Most of our design decisions are driven by light. High ceilings and large windows help to increase light into a space and we often use rooflights. Clean lines and long-view corridors are important to us, as is integrating landscape and architecture.

Which are your top 5 onefinestay spaces and why?

1. Kingstown St: The opening rooflight is a great practical feature to extend outdoor space on a tight site in London

kingstown street

2. Orleston Mews: The thoughtful timber detailing brings is a nice system to bring order to the house

orselton mews

3. Prince Street: A classic loft with wonderful high ceilings, large windows and simple unfussy detailing


4. Rue Duhesme: A nice little courtyard and slick stainless steel kitchen are particular highlights


5. Penzance Place II: I like the clever use of multiple levels and double-height spaces to bring light into a tight footprint

penzance place II

vppr feature

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