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Petalon: How to make a bouquet

We got together with Florence Kennedy, the woman behind flower delivery service Petalon. At her east London warehouse, Florence showed us how to tie the perfect bouquet – see how she does it below.


You will need: Flowers of your choice, plenty of foliage, a square piece of hessian, scissors, secateurs, twine. Florence used dahlias, peonies, Nigella, Solomon’s seal, Snowy Pittosporum, rosemary, roses and grasses.

smalltestcolourFirst, pull off the lower leaves of the stems. This is known as conditioning, and ensures that no foliage sits below the water line. This keeps the bouquet fresher for longer.
1V9A8707Start with a large flower and a piece of foliage and build around them, varying the texture and sizes of the flowers as you go.
testgifv2smallPull and tease the flowers to get a nice varied shape to the bouquet. Make sure there are no leaves below your hand (known as the ‘binding point’).

1V9A8737Make sure the stems spiral around one another neatly, rather than criss-crossing.
gif4testUsing secateurs, cut the stems to the same length. Cut at an angle to increase the surface area, allowing more water up the stems.
1V9A8749Have your twine at the ready.

With your hand still at the binding point, hold a piece of twine under your thumb and wrap it tightly around the bouquet and secure it with a knot.
Take the hessian and wrap it around the bouquet to cover the stems.

Secure the hessian with more twine, tie it in a bow, and voilà!


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