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Spring just around the corner and new collections on the catwalks, we visited Hortensia Road in Chelsea, London, to talk to onefinestay member Ceril Campbell. With 30 years of styling experience behind her, we talked fashion and interiors—and the intersections between the two.

Photography credit: Rory Campbell


Tell us about your styling background

My career began in fashion design in the late 70s. I worked in both Los Angeles and New York in film and TV commercials as a costume designer. My retail experience was with the FU’s Jean Machine brand in the 80s, creating and designing the overall look for their two flagship boutiques in Knightsbridge and Bond Street. In the 90s, I opened my own kids emporium, Kids on the Green, on London’s Kings Road.

Over the last 30 years I have advised and re-imaged film stars, pop stars , TV actors, presenters and sports personalities for both personal and public image. I’ve since expanded my lifestyle business to include interior design and styling clients’ properties. Adding value to a home with interior style transformations is very similar to a personal image and brand makeover.

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What are the similarities between fashion and interiors?

For me, creating a fabulous interior is the same as creating a stylish personal image, and I apply the same maxims. For example: ‘Proportion and balance is all important’, ‘Attract the eye to the best bits: distract the eye from the worst bits’, ‘Use colour, light and shade to create illusion’

Do fashion and interiors both follow the same seasonal trends?

In my experience fashion trends seem to come first and the interior trends follow, but there is always a synergy between the two – colours, patterns, textures, fabrics and references from past decades are all key themes.

Why are first impressions so important?

I believe you only have seven seconds to create that first impression, and that’s true of a face to face meeting as much as a first property viewing. This initial image is the main thing that will remain in your memory, therefore first impressions are all important and can make the difference between success and failure.

How do you help clients create that first impression?

It’s all about listening very carefully to the clients’ wishes, and understanding what they really want. If I’m working with people on their personal image, we’ll work towards “Being your best you”. The aim is to give you confidence, increase self-esteem, improve body language and pen up new opportunities for relationships and social life that enhance promotion prospects and business advancement. If I’m working with someone’s home, we aim to optimise square footage and sell an aspirational lifestyle to increase sale price and even change the way they live in the home. I call that “Making the most of your property”.


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