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When you’re living in Paris, surrounded by some of the most prestigious museums, architecture and restaurants, it’s easy to see why you would make your vacation a staycation. Taking time to explore your city with a fresh pair of eyes allows you to see and discover new exciting things – many of them right on your doorstep. Yasmin from SUNDAYSINPARIS recently stayed with us at Rue Beaubourg II. We caught up with her to chat about coffee, Paris and the inspiration behind her blog.

Photography by Sabri Beny. Headshot by Majorie Preval.

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What are your favourite areas in Paris and why?
Ah, this is a hard question! There are so many great areas in Paris but I would have to say the northern part of Le Marais, the 11th and Pigalle are my favourite areas. I spend most of my time in Le Marais and in the 11th working on SUNDAYSINPARIS as it’s where a lot of the good coffee spots are located – not to mention great bars and restaurants. I have spent many weekends strolling along Rue des Martyrs in Pigalle stopping for brunch and a good coffee along the way.

How did the onefinestay iPhone app help you to discover new places?
I was very impressed by the onefinestay iPhone app, it was an extra touch that we weren’t expecting. We are continually searching for new places to try, so to have local recommendations from the owner, who has lived in the neighbourhood for a long time, so accessible to us was great!

You seem to have a love for both Paris and Sundays. Could you walk us through your perfect Sunday in Paris?
The perfect Sunday in Paris always starts with coffee. For a long time now a tradition of mine has been to visit the Bastille markets first thing in the morning, followed by a coffee at Boot Café. From there, brunch is next on the agenda normally, with a group of friends. I like to try new places as often as possible, but sometimes I can’t help but revisit old favourites like Buvette or Holybelly. After brunch, I normally fill the rest of the afternoon with more coffee and a walk around the city.

Is this how you formed the idea for your blog?
The idea for the blog started because I used to live in Lyon before moving to Paris where Sundays are very sleepy. I’m Australian, so the idea of everything being closed on a Sunday is very foreign to me. When I moved to Paris I was explaining to a friend of mine, RJ, that I was super excited to be able to go out for coffee and brunch on Sundays because options on Sundays in Lyon were so limited. I would spend hours researching where to find good coffee and brunch spots open on Sundays, and it became a running joke that I knew everything about Sundays in Paris. RJ and I were walking around one afternoon talking about the topic and he said “hey, why don’t you start a website called sundaysinparis, it has a nice ring to it…” and that’s where it all started.

It has been the best thing I’ve done since moving to Paris, but it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the people who have helped me along the way – from to my friends who patiently let me photograph their coffee before they’re allowed to drink it, to the contributors and everyone in between.

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Coffee seems to be at the heart of your city-exploring. How did you develop your love for coffee, and could you describe your favourite cup?
I always seek out good coffee in every city that I go to. It’s embarrassing to confess but I tend to plan my days around which cafes I’ll visit and which restaurants I want to try when travelling. I love the culture that surrounds speciality coffee here in Paris. Every time I walk into a café I’m greeted by the familiar faces of the baristas behind the bar and their customers who have over time become my friends. The coffee at the speciality coffee shops here are always top notch, but for me coffee in Paris has become a lot more about the experience – I think it’s just as much about the people as what’s in your cup.

In terms of my favourite cup, I drink black coffee so I tend to seek out cafés that offer filtered coffee. That said, I appreciate good latte art – I’ve been known to order a latte for the purposes of an Instagram photo and then a long black or filtered coffee to drink!

A relocation from your home in Australia to Paris is a pretty big move. How do you make yourself at home away from home?
I arrived in Paris not knowing anyone, but since then I’ve been extremely fortunate. I have a beautiful group of friends and network that I’ve built through my website and Instagram so I have never felt home sick so to speak. Australians gravitate to good coffee, so if I ever miss home or am ever homesick an Australian friend is never too far away.

What are your travel plans for 2016?
I’m hoping to spend the summer in Italy, but otherwise I’ll see where else the year takes me.

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