#LiveWellTravelWell: Sogole Honarvar

Based in New York, Sogole Honarvar is director of pubic relations at Net-a-Porter (Americas). With a hectic schedule of meetings by day and attending high-profile events by night, her job means she is frequently on the move between cities, from LA, Paris, London and beyond.

We caught up with Sogole in London, during her most recent stay with us, and found out what her top five #LiveWellTravelWell tips are.


See more of Sogole’s photos on her Instagram: @sogolehonarvar

1. Pack a scented candle

When you’re on the move and staying in new and unfamiliar places, I find that lighting a candle with a scent you love and recognise can put you at ease and make you feel instantly at home. For me, my favourite has to be Dipthyque.

2. Play music

I always pack a little portable speaker with me, listening to my own playlists makes me feel instantly comfortable when settling into a new place.

3. Don’t be tempted by unhealthy snacks

It’s so easy when you’re moving around, and out of routine, to dip into sugary sweets and salty snacks to keep your energy up. I make sure to pack dry fruit and nuts when I’m travelling, so as not to be too tempted.

4. Use local grocery shops

Eating out and discovering local restaurants and cafes is a joy when abroad, but I do make sure that when I arrive somewhere new I take the time to find my local grocery shop to stock up on basics. Home comfort ingredients like eggs and yoghurt always come in handy.

5. Never leave home without your vitamins

Medicine cabinet must haves are… Melatonin, anti-inflammatories, Vitamin D and B, quarterly B12 booster shot and the enzyme Serrapeptase.


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