#LiveWellTravelWell: Jasmine Solano

We managed to talk to New York DJ, Jasmine Solano, a few days before she’s set to jump on the decks at our event with Sakara Life in LA.

Brooklyn-based Jasmine Solano has solidified her career as a premier music influencer across multiple media platforms. She’s gained notoriety on the New York music scene by working with a host of impressive brands, which include NYLON magazine, DKNY, Museum of Modern art and Nike, and top talents in the industry, such as Beyoncé.


See more of Jasmine’s photos on her Instagram: @xojsmn

Known for her diverse musical palette, her talents have taken her all around the world. As she’s no stranger to long-haul flights, Jasmine has perfected the art of travelling – here are her top 5 tips.

1. Drink massive amounts of water

The #1 tip which I can not stress enough is to always, always, always drink water. Between the change in air pressure, crossing different time zones and jet lag – the best way to keep your body hydrated is by drinking water all the time.

2. Sleep as often as possible

Be it on the plane, in a cab, power napping at your hotel – our bodies recharge and heal during sleep. We don’t realise how much we put our bodies through when globe trotting, so it’s essential to give our bodies time to reboot.

3. Bring your own snacks // Make your own trail mix

Most trail mixes (even from our fav healthy supermarkets) are packed with extra sugar. Take some prep time to gather ingredients you like and make your own. Also your snack game must be strong my friends! You never quite know when that next healthy meal will arrive – and in order to not make poor food choices out of starvation, bring snacks!

4. Have a Survival Kit

Maybe this comes from me having lived in the Amazon rainforest for five days, or ridden an eight hour train in India, or been on a ship that almost sunk in the North Pacific Ocean – but I like to “stay ready for anything”. Your survival kit does not need to be this extreme, however having the following sure does help when caught in a jam:

• Ibuprofen – for headaches, unexpected fevers
• Dramamine – for motion sickness either on planes or boats
• Imodium & Charcoal – foreign foods don’t always agree with our tummies!
• Teas – ginger tea is great for your system!
• Lavender Oil – for relaxation, sleep aid
• Eucalyptus Oil – for respiratory issues / blockage
• Vitamin C – build up your immunity
• Cough drops – especially if you’re an artist and need preserve your vocal chords!
• First Aid items – band aids, neosporin, etc.
• Portable Chargers with international conversion

5. Meditate

I’m a person that’s tried meditating on and off for the past 10 years and I’m only now sort-of getting the hang for it. Travelling always opens one’s eyes in exciting and terrifying ways. New places and new people tend to scare the heck out of most humans. Taking five minutes a day to centre your thoughts, quiet your mind and reflect on who you are can help with this process. I also use my favorite app, Headspace to guide me through meditations.


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