#LiveWellTravelWell: Frish Brandt

Frish Brandt is the president and co-owner of the Fraenkel Gallery – based in San Francisco and specialising in photography. A frequent onefinestay guest, she was recently in London for the opening of Richard Learoyd‘s show at the Victoria & Albert museum, where we caught up with her to talk shoes, chocolate and baking – her essentials to living well and travelling well.


Photography by Matteo Pastorio for Mutina

For more information about upcoming exhibitions and news see the Fraenkel Gallery site.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.31.25 pmRichard Learoyd, Agnes with eyes closed, 2007. © Richard Learoyd, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.26.56 pmNicholas Nixon, About Forty Years, published by Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco 2015. Photograph © Nicholas Nixon.
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.28.28 pmRichard Misrach, The Mysterious Opacity of Other Beings, published by Aperture, 2015.Photograph © Richard Misrach.


Baking is the cornerstone of my life at home and when I’m away from home. I always travel with fresh-baked homemade treats (recently I was taking a cake to an artist’s studio and, when passing through the necessary conveyor belt, the security person paused for a good long while before calling out ‘Hey? Does someone have a bundt cake in their carry-on?’). And, when I return home, the first thing I do is take a stick of butter out of the fridge.

2. Day for Night
I separate my basic necessity-cosmetics in two toiletry bags, one for day time and one for night time.  Easier to stock and re-stock, easier to navigate in the early or late hours. On long trips it might even help me remember which part of the day I am entering.

Day for Night also happens to be the title of Richard Learoyd’s new book published by Pier 24 and Aperture

3. Shoes

Generally I pack from the shoes up, much as I determine my wardrobe each day. Depending on the amount of walking, shoes dictate the look of the day.

Bonus clothing tip: Elke Walter
Elke is the most inventive designer I know and it happens that her clothes fold up and crunch up into tiny thin packages the size of a sandwich, but unfurl into the most amazing item of clothing one is likely to see.

4. Reading material
All my life I have overpacked when it comes to reading – all the way to when I’d pack up reading for my babysitting gigs. The publishing industry is the primary indicator for reincarnation – there’s too much to read in just one lifetime.

5. Chocolate
Whether it’s for me or the person next to me, it’s always recommended.


Richard Learoyd’s show, Dark Mirror, runs at the Victoria & Albert Musuem from 





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