#LiveWellTravelWell: Freunde von Freunden

The founders of Freunde von Freunden (FvF), Frederik Frede, Torsten Bergler and Timmi Seifert, have been on a journey across the world tapping into their extensive network of creative friends and documenting their lifestyles, since they launched the online magazine five years ago.

fvf lwtwWe recently partnered with them for their LA ‘FvF friends dinner’, hosted at McKinley Avenue. It was here, by the glistening pool over a magnificent dinner served by the Jessica Koslow of Sqirl, that we managed to sit down with two of the three founders, Frede and Timmi, to talk about their #LiveWellTravelWell tips.


See more of Frede and Timmi’s photos on FVF’s Instagram: @fvonf

1. Meet the locals

Since we’ve been doing FvF we don’t really create lists of where to go and what to see anymore – we just follow the people! We meet people from our network, in the cities that we go to, and they take us to their places. For example, we met Sean Woolsey (artist and furniture maker) in LA for an interview. That then turned into him taking us to go surfing in Costa Mesa and spending the rest of the day with him and his wife Sara. So we got to see California at its purest, which was like a dream.

2. Be spontaneous

We never plan everything out. We go to a city, jump into the community and float around from recommendation to recommendation.  Last night for example we were having amazing food at Bear Flag (another recommendation by Sean Woolsey). From there we went back to Sean’s place, ate homemade pizza from the oven in his garden, and hung out with his local friends and family.

We didn’t plan any of that out, simply immersed ourselves in the lifestyle of that particular city. It’s definitely a day we won’t forget.

3. Adopt local habits

To make sure you get the best of the place you’re visiting you need to adapt to the local things.We have a personal algorithm of cultural references, which is a mix of our two previous tips – be spontaneous and make sure to mix with the locals.

4. Take time to find the best food

Finding the best food and the best coffee a city has to offer will also lead you the epicenter of the area; the quality leads you to the best of everything. For example, in Berlin I can’t get fish tacos of ceviche like I can here in LA  – where you are close to the ocean.

5. Be patient

There’s no shortcuts. Finding good food, good quality and good connections in a new city takes time! It’s a German thing I guess, a European thing. In Europe we spend time on things, like the French spend time on food and enjoying food. We have spent an enormous amount of time building these connections – so can you.

fvf lwtw

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