#LiveWellTravelWell: Courtney Boyd Myers

Curator at Summit Series, a community of entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and scientists, Courtney Boyd Myers is very familiar with travelling and staying healthy on the road. We’ve invited her as the next guest in our #LiveWellTravelWell series and asked her to share  five ways she looks after her well-being when she’s away from home. 

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Courtney spends a lot of her time hosting events on top of Summit’s privately-owned Powder Mountain in Utah, or at the moonlit beaches in Tulum, Mexico. When she’s not throwing events, she’s travelling – from New York and LA to London and Berlin, to meet with new community members. Staying healthy while travelling is essential for Courtney, and to make sure she gets the vitamins she wants, she brings a blender to make green smoothies and medicinal mushroom tonics with homemade nut milks.



But staying healthy when you’re travelling is not only about what you eat, but also what you do and how you do it. Courtney shares five things that help her to live well when she’s travelling:

1. Take care of your health
“Travel with greater care than you would back at home: avoid alcohol and get some extra sleep the night before your flight. Pack supplements like magnesium to help you sleep, probiotics to keep you regular, and charcoal to combat local bacteria.”

2. Meeting new people in new places
“This is one of my favourite activities in the world. Use Facebook to let your friends know you’re planning a trip and ask for introductions in your destination. Once introduced, ask them to pick the meeting spot.” 

3. Establish a routine
“When travelling abroad, establishing a routine will help you find your feet. Pack your favourite items, whether it’s a copper tongue scraper, a candle, or a pair of slippers. And if you have a daily practice like yoga or meditation, be sure to drop into a local studio – that’s one of the best ways to see the local side of a new city.” 

4. Go on a ‘wander-run’
“Put a pin in your map, so you know where you started, and run for 20 minutes in any direction that pleases you. Take photos along the way, stop to smell the flowers, and climb any tree that calls to you.” 

5. Represent your homeland
“Be the most polite, well-tipping, and friendly version of yourself when traveling abroad. There’s nothing worse than having foreigners think less of your home country because of a few rotten apples.”


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