#LiveWellTravelWell: Christian Borstlap

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to have hosted acclaimed art director, designer, illustrator, film maker and founder of Amsterdam-based creative studio Part of a Bigger Plan, Christian Borstlap, in LA last month. So it was with added excitement that he recently got back in touch and showed us a set of sketches from his onefinestay, or as he called it, ‘the work of a painting customer’.


Fascinated by the idea of swapping your iPhone lens for a set of paints and paper to remember your stay, we caught up with the talented creative to find out what else he gets up to make sure he’s always living well and travelling well when away from home.


See more of Christian’s work on his company’s website, Part of a Bigger Plan.

1. Get on a bicycle
I live in Amsterdam where there are more bikes than people, so cycling is second nature to me. I feel blessed every morning as I cycle along the canals to get to work. Cycling is by far the most enjoyable way to get around a city, and it’s exciting to see it becoming more and more popular in urban centres across the globe. Remember though to keep it enjoyable you need to slow down your pace, and tell yourself 300 times if necessary, ‘you are not in a hurry’

2. Go for a run
Running is the sure-fire best way to start a day. There’s the obvious places, like across the Williamsburg bridge, along LA’s Venice Beach, through the gardens of Paris’s Louvre, and around London’s Regent’s Park, but it’s equally fun in the not-so-obvious places. Running makes you more aware of the place you’re at, not to mention more aware of the moment.

3. Get up early
I think cities always look their best in the morning. I use this time to look around and to have at least three espresso macchiatos at no less than two different places.

4. Plan your meals…
…especially when you’re somewhere new for a short period. I often know where and with whom I’m going to eat every meal before I hop on a plane. If you have a breakfast, lunch and dinner-plan, it could take you to three places you haven’t been before.

5. Draw
Drawing makes you concentrate and look at things differently. I think it makes you look better. I try to do one drawing a day while travelling. Plus, a book of drawings is a great way of remembering your trips as well – there’s far too many iPhone photos around already.



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