#LiveWellTravelWell: Aran Goyoaga

Food writer, stylist, photographer and mother of two, Aran Goyoaga is a woman of action. While maintaining her busy schedule, she has been working closely with Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers – who recently hosted a lunch with onefinestay. We’ve been fans of her food blog Cannelle et Vanille for some time, so it seemed only fitting that we invited her to share her top tips to #LiveWellTravelWell.


Aran grew up in the Basque Country, just outside Bilbao, where her grandparents owned a bakery. It was this exposure to baking at a young age that shaped her love for food.

Her food blog Cannelle et Vanille is what she describes as her “blank canvas for creating anything and everything sweet that comes out of my heart”. The name itself, which translates to Cinnamon and Vanilla, represents the nostalgic tastes of her childhood. One look at the images is enough to make you reach straight for that cake tin. An added bonus is that her recipes cater to those who are gluten-free.

Although based in Seattle, she hosts workshops on photography and styling all around the world. Her Instagram feed is a montage of gorgeous images of her food and travels, which are enough to ignite the wanderlust flame in all of us.

See more photos of Aran’s photos on her Instagram account: @cannellevanille

We spoke to Aran about how she takes her well-crafted life on the road with her and asked her to provide her best tips for feeling at home while on the move:

1. Use social media to find local spots and meet people, but then be flexible. Depending on the type of trip it is, I might do more or less research, but I normally have a bit of a plan of places I want to visit while I am away. I use social media to find restaurants, coffee shops, locate galleries or any other interesting bits about a city. This is also a great way of connecting with local people that I have met through Instagram or other channels, but above all, I like to be open to how I feel and what the day brings.

2. Pack light. I like to travel super light especially when I travel for work as I have to carry all my gear and it’s exhausting. I will pack just a couple of black ensembles and wear them over and over again. I have even done laundry in a bathroom sink. And I try to get away with one pair of shoes (weather permitted).

3. Where to eat is a priority. I have food intolerances so I am very used to planning my meals and preparing food to bring on the plane for myself. I love breakfast and I have to eat a good one every morning to feel good the rest of the day. This is one of the reasons why I like having access to a kitchen while I travel. When I arrive at my destination, I visit a local grocery shop and get some food basics to get me through the day. 

4. Get sleep. I cannot function if I don’t get enough sleep so I really make it a priority to rest while I travel. I am an early morning riser and love venturing out into a city before people wake up. 

5. My list of essentials:
– Ibuprofen.
– Small mirrorless camera.
– Phone with international data plan (I have had to use Google maps many times before).
– Portable charger with outlet adapter for international travel.
– A large soft linen scarf – even in the summer.
– Berry red lipstick and black mascara are usually my only make up items.


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