#LiveWellTravelWell: Andrea Dabene

French photographer and filmmaker, Andrea Dabene has been on our radar as one of our favourite travel Instagrammers for some time now. Currently based in Los Angeles, her jaw-dropping images of natural landscapes are what holiday dreams are made of.


Born in Austin, Texas, Andrea has lived all over the world and most recently spent 4 years in Canada where she believes its great outdoors to be the true inspiration behind her photography, “I feel like you can be a lot more creative when you have all the space you need”.

What may surprise most is that her images are primarily shot on an iPhone. For Andrea, shooting on an iPhone allows more freedom and flexibility, “you always have your phone with you, and you never know where your day may take you”. 

During the summer, she and fellow Instagram pal Lily Rose stayed in Rue des Recollets III while they explored the enchanting streets of Paris.

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As a well-practiced world traveller, we asked Andrea to provide her #LiveWellTravelWell tips:

1. Bring someone you love
I always love to travel with someone I love, like my partner, a good friend or a family member. I don’t like to travel by myself, I just love sharing beautiful moments with someone who’s important to me. I think travelling is very intimate, so choose the right person!

2. Bring your camera
As a photographer, I always have my Canon 5D Mark III with me. I couldn’t imagine travelling without it.

3. Choose a good place to stay
I like to feel comfortable and cosy when I’m travelling so I usually rent apartments. You don’t get that cosy feeling in a hotel.

4. I always bring my favourite soap
This may sounds stupid but it’s true, there’s nothing that would make me feel more at home than taking a shower with my favourite soap (Petit Marseillais, Fleur d’oranger).

5. Having a good breakfast
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I love to prepare it myself. There’s nothing better than preparing your own breakfast in the morning with local products.






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