#LiveWellTravelWell: Amber Valletta

Supermodel, actress and fashion icon for over a decade, Amber Valletta is no stranger to pin-balling the globe. During her recent stay with us in New York, we caught up with her to talk eating local, exercise routines and taking baths in her top #LiveWellTravelWell tips.



See more of Amber’s photos on her Instagram: @ambervalletta

1. Make sure you rest
Although it’s hard sometimes when travelling, especially for work, I always make sure to get a good few hours of sleep. The more rest I get when away from home, the better I always feel.

2. Find time to exercise
When away from home, it’s tempting to not stick to your normal exercise schedule. But I make sure I find time to take a long walk, head to a local gym or take up a bit of yoga. Getting my heart rate up and releasing those endorphins keeps you going when travelling.

3. Take a relaxing bath
I love baths. After a long day, a bath is so luxurious. It completely relaxes me when I’m on the move. I recommend adding some bath salts and lavender oils, they’re what makes a bath beautiful.

4. Be adventurous
When travelling and away from home, I love discovering hidden places. Take time out to discover a great café, park, or shop. Better yet, head to a local play or concert.

5. Eat local
I love to eat new foods from different places! You have to be open to discovering a new culinary experience when travelling, it’s how you really immerse yourself into a new community.


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