#LiveWellTravelWell: Alex Yeske

New York based art director and graphic designer, Alex Yeske, is no stranger to travel. From west coast LA trips, to adventures in Nashville, she always seems to find time to explore the world around her. We recently had the pleasure of hosting her and a group of her close friends in one of our beautiful Hudson Valley homes during her birthday weekend.


“Summer weekends are so precious when you live somewhere with rough winters, so I’ve been trying to escape the city as much as possible to take advantage of them!”

As an art director and graphic designer, travel and creativity go hand-in-hand for Alex. While on the road she often gets inspiration from new surroundings or experiences. This inspiration filters through her work for Madewell and her blog Dreams & Jeans. It was this same visual influence that was the catalyst for our collaboration during her trip to the Hudson Valley.

“There are so many great places within a few hours drive from NYC, and upstate New York is quickly becoming one of my favourite destinations. The Hudson Valley is full of unique small towns, each with its own sensibility.”

Alex’s Instagram feed is a visual reminder of the beautiful world we live in. Creatively displayed, her images tickle the travel bug in all of us.

See more photos of Alex’s photos on her Instagram account: @anyeske

We asked Alex how she takes her well-curated life on the road with her, and to provide her top tips to #LiveWellTravelWell.

1. Plan out your trip, but leave time for spontaneity

I love using social media to plan out where I want to visit while on a trip. Now that Instagram has a “places” feature, it makes it so seamless to find cool spots wherever you might be going – I actually have a whole album on my phone filled with screenshots of cool places to check out! Plan out a couple parts of your trip to have some sort of structure, but also leave some room for flexibility and spontaneity! You never know what you might come across while on the go.

2. Choose comfortable surroundings

I’ve found that where I stay is almost equally important as where I am choosing to travel to. I like to seek out unique hotels or homes to stay in versus staying in chain hotels. I love finding places that have a similar aesthetic to mine.

3. Document

As a visual person, I come across so much inspiration while travelling. I love having both my iPhone and a separate camera as a way to capture everything I come across and want to remember. I also love picking up business cards and other ephemera to remember where I’ve been.

4. Pack in a cohesive colour palette

To avoid overpacking and bringing my whole closet, I try to pack basics in similar colours that easily mix and match. I also pack one or two special pieces – a top or a jumpsuit – that are good for special dinners or parties.

5. My travel essentials:

– instax camera + film
– large scarf or sweater for plane rides + chilly nights
– an oversized button down
– swell water bottle
– comfortable shoes


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