#LiveWellTravelWell: Alex Kristofcak, Jarry Magazine

In the run up to the launch of the print version of Jarry Magazine – a celebration of gay culture in the food industry – publisher Alex Kristofcak has had a busy few months of travel, reaching out to the brand’s community both across the US and further afield.

jarry mag lwtw featureFor our #LiveWellTravelWell series, we caught up with him at our recent co-hosted event at McKinley Avenue, Los Angeles and found out what aspects of his lifestyle he makes sure to take with him even when away from home.


See more of Alex’s photos on his Instagram: @akristofcak

1. Go for a run

This is something I do at home, but it becomes even more important when away. Not only is it an incredible way to get your bearings and allow you to familiarise yourself with a new place quickly, but it allows you to see so much more of a new place than you would if you just took a stroll.

2. Buy flowers

I often buy fresh flowers when I’ve just arrived somewhere, it makes a new place feel so much more alive and personal.

3. Use social media to get travel inspiration and tips

I’ve recently been using Instagram a lot to get travel recommendations from the people I follow.

4. Make sure you have thought ahead about your meals

Food is very important to me and I want to make sure that wherever I am, I eat the best food on offer. I try to make sure I book in to a good mix of the well-known foodie establishment places as well as make it to the more hole-in-the-wall, locals-only type places.

5. Stay flexible

In general I find the travelling to get to destinations fairly unpleasant so I try to make sure that at least I’m not lugging huge suitcases round with me or having to wait for ages at baggage reclaims. I try to make sure my case is as compact as possible and that I always leave plenty of room to bring stuff back.

Read about what Alex got up to during his LA stay, including what his secret to getting to the heart of the city is, on here.

jarry mag lwtw feature

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