Form Studio talks core workouts and healthy travelling

We spoke to new Pilates studio, Form, in their West London studio about the type of classes they run, their favourite places to eat in London and how to stay healthy while travelling.

During our visit to your studio, you told us about your MOTR machine – the first of its kind to be used in London. Other than your studio being the first to use it in London, what makes it so unique?   

Due to its versatility, one can combine and intertwine resistance/toning work with plyometrics/ cardio. You can also work unilaterally on it, which highlights imbalances in the body, thus enabling you to correct them.

It forces you to recruit the core muscles throughout the class. Due to the nature of its shape being cylindrical, one is forced to balance whilst performing exercises using multiple muscle groups, affording one results in record time.


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How are your classes different to others?

It encompasses all the vital elements of training in 50 minutes and the entire class is core based. Those elements are: posture and alignment, balance, coordination, resistance training, cardio interval training, and agility and flexibility.

A well balanced diet goes hand-in-hand with exercising, what are your favourite healthy places to eat in London?

I am obsessed with Nama, which is a delicious raw food restaurant around the corner.  I could live off their salads.

Post work-out I always replenish with Botanic-Lab pressed juices.  I love ‘Isotonic’ it’s the best solution to post-workout fatigue – we stock it at the studio as it also goes down well with all my clients – like me, they have become hooked after just one!

I have now all but replaced my coffee addition with PlantMilk 3 – a kick of Matcha is my go-to afternoon pick-me up to refuel and rebalance before my one-to-one clients.

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It’s difficult to stay healthy while travelling, what advice would you give to people when going abroad?

I think whilst it is important to allow yourself a break and enjoy your holiday, there is usually a swimming pool or gym at most hotels if you want to work out.

If not, never underestimate the value of a brisk walk or steady cycle for keeping your overall health and fitness in check whilst you are away; steady-state cardio of this kind is also great for fat burning. It’s also a wonderful way to explore the local area, I will often discover hidden gems this way!

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