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Queen of cosy, Adrianna Adarme, has not only taught us how to make delicious rye walnut cookies (find the recipe here!) but is also our go-to source for all things cosy. Author, recipe developer, and blogger, she reminds us that taking things slow once in a while is healthy – and even commendable. Especially in her new book, The Year of Cozy, she shares tips for a simple, beautiful and thoughtful life – from recipes to activities and DIY projects, she knows how to turn the simple moments in life into special, little experiences.  


Adrianna recently visited London, and looking for space and comfort, decided to stay at Porchester Square IV during her travels. When asked what she loved most about her stay, she celebrated the chance to live like a local: “I tend to stay in neighbourhoods when I travel because it feels like I’m living there. It allows me to experience the city as if I were a resident, which is pretty nice” – and that’s exactly what she did, ending up documenting her experience on her blog. She also told us all about her favourite food experiences in LA and what she loves about travelling.


See more of Adrianna’s photos on her Instagram: @acozykitchen

How did you get into food, more specifically into cooking?
I honestly think because I was hungry [laughing]. I was in college and hungry and the school cafeteria was awful! So I started to cook. At first it was mainly in my rice cooker and in the microwave but once I moved off campus I started cooking for my friends and I.

What does travelling mean to you?
My favourite part of travelling is having the ability to experience the way other people live. I love going to supermarkets in other countries, and to little coffee shops and restaurants that aren’t touristy. I get a sense of how they live and it’s really interesting to me.

How did you manage to turn your passion into a career?
A bit of luck, and a bit of hard work. I think I was in the right place at the right time when all of a sudden brands started to pay attention to the power of the internet, social media and blogs. I already had an established audience and so it just worked out. I feel really lucky to do what I love every single day.

What did you do before becoming an expert on food and travel?
Oh I don’t feel like an expert. Maybe I am…haha. I feel more like a recipe writer, which always reminds you that you’re very imperfect and you’ve never ‘nailed it’. I fail so often that it’s humbling, it reminds me I still have so much to learn.

Food is obviously at the heart of your travels, how did you discover the best food places while in a new city?
Often times I ask a friend. I have a lot of friends who travel often for pleasure and work, and they always have the best recommendations. I love using Instagram too! I’ll post on Instagram for recommendations and then research what everyone suggests. I love it!

What is your favourite food city, and why?
Is it terrible to say Los Angeles? I feel so shy to say that because I live in LA but it really is amazing. There’s nowhere else I could eat amazing Vietnamese food, Chinese food, Mexican food and Korean food – it’s remarkable.

What’s your favourite taste sensation in LA?
I would say spice. In Los Angeles I can have spicy Mexican food, spicy Thai food, spicy Korean food or spicy Szechuan. The spice sensations from each cuisine are so different, yet they’re all SO delicious.

What makes a good Instagram shot, especially food shot?
I would say lighting. I think if you’re new to food photography, I would say indirect light is easiest, especially by a window. But I’m recently really into direct light, lots of shadows. I think it’s so pretty.

How do you keep your food and travel blog updated?
I update a few times a week. I’m always cooking something so it’s easy to keep it updated. And I’m always excited to share new recipes!

Where was your last destination? And where’s your next one?
My last one was San Francisco. My next destination is Portland, Oregon. I can’t wait. I’ve never been and I hear it’s really casual and chill with good food.


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