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Welcome to Miami: Pick your adventure

Miami is a city of possibilities. Along with its sunny shores and laidback living, it’s also a vibrant hub for art, architecture, design, food and shopping. As we open our doors in our latest city, we’re sharing our gorgeous new homes – ideal whether you want to explore the city or take it easy.

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Explore the Latin Quarter

Perched on the left bank of the Seine, the Latin Quarter is packed with restaurants, cafés and bars, making it one of Paris’ premier spots for nightlife. Nonetheless, the area has a more cerebral, artistic side. The site of the city’s first university and home of the Sorbonne, the area has always been a home to students from across Europe. There’s still a huge student presence, and the bistros buzz with a carefree joie de vivre.

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Area Guide, Wandering

Explore Soho

Soho has long been the locale of choice for all manner of bohemians, artists and rebels. Visitors who explore its warren of streets will be rewarded with some of the finest food, fashion and music London has to offer.

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