#LiveWellTravelWell: Alex Eagle

To kickstart our ‘Live Well Travel Well’ series – where we ask some of our top guests for their tips to make them feel at home when travelling – we talk to the impeccably stylish creative director Alex Eagle.

Photography by Robbie Lawrence

London-based but in the sky at least once a week, Alex is the curator and taste-maker behind The Store x Soho House Berlin and has recently opened her own eponymous concept store in Knightsbridge. Filled with an exquisitely edited I-want-everything mix of all the essentials for a well-lived life, the three-floored townhouse is filled with clothing, beauty, childrenswear, jewellery, books, one-off vintage furniture and art.

See more of Alex’s photos on her Instagram: @eagletta

Already well acquainted with onefinestay, having stayed with her team at Prince Street 4 in New York last year, attended our spring lunch at The Boat House to celebrate talented female entrepreneurs and Guest Edited her top onefinestay spaces for our Homes magazine, we grabbed a coffee with the fashion industry veteran and asked her for her top tips to ‘Live Well Travel Well’.

1. Blanket and cashmere socks

I always travel with a blanket and cashmere socks. Even in the height of summer, the flight can be freezing and I’ve been caught out with just sandals before.

2. Familiar scents

Scent is really important to me, and wherever I go I bring smells that are fresh and familiar. As well as scented candles by Jehanne de Biolley – which even if you don’t use are great as presents – I also recently discovered Susanne Kauffman’s Pillow Spray.

3. Your own pillow

My mother’s top travel tip which she passed on to me was to always bring your own small goose-down pillow. I get mine from John Lewis, cut it in half so you get two small ones. Sow them both up, and do the same to my linen pillow case, and then give the other one to my boyfriend.

4. Unpack straight away

I always make sure to unpack as soon as I arrive at a destination, even if I’m only staying for 24 hours. I’m a real nester and I’m not comfortable until I’ve put my own mark on the place and laid my own things out. If I’m staying for longer I’ll even buy flowers to make the place feel fresh and fragrant.

5. Take in fresh air

I hate dark places, so the first thing I do when I arrive somewhere is open all the curtains and fling open the windows to let the fresh air in.

Photography by Robbie Lawrence

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