‘La dolce vita’: discovering Rome

Rome – where all roads lead to the dining table. Food is a huge part of Roman culture and it begins with the best ingredients. The city, most famous for it’s ancient architecture, is alive with bustling markets like the Campo di Fiori and Testaccio Food Market where you can pick up everything from fresh pasta to maritozzi (sweet buns, a Roman specialty).

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Collaborating, Discovering

Hubert Zandberg on sprucing up your shelves

You’ve splashed out on a bespoke, hand-crafted bookcase – now what to fill it with? Do you pack it with books, or adorn it sparsely with a few ornaments? It’s a dilemma Hubert Zandberg, our designer-at-large and founder of Hubert Zandberg Interiors, sees on a regular basis. We sat down with him to learn how to use books, art and sculpture to bring a touch of beauty to your shelves.

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