The best cycle routes in London

For Andrew Diprose, creative director of The Ride Journal, there is no better way of getting to know his home city, London than on two wheels.


Richmond Park:
If you go as they’re shutting the gates to motor vehicles in the evening, put on some decent lights and have a blast. You’d be pretty much on your own, except for the deer though.


Leebridge Ice skating centre to Hertford:
Leave the inner-city for herons, willows and waterside pubs on this great 25 miles stretch along canal and dirt paths from Walthamstow out to Hertford. Perfect on a bright, crisp morning.


North London Hill:
Sometimes, just sometimes you can’t get a Long ride in. Still wanting to feel the burn? Head up north for the unholy trinity of Muswell Hill, Swains Lane and Highgate West Hill.


Euston Road / Marlybone Road:
This doesn’t sound like a goodie, but there’s a pure buzz riding from East to West in a straight line, winding your way between the cars. Don’t forgot to get off at Paddington though, the Westway is no place for two wheels.


Nowhere Special:
Some of the best routes are the ones that come when you just head out with a cash card in your pocket and nothing to do. That’s how to find your way round the real London.


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